10 Reasons The Donut Diet is One You Can Stick To!

Yesterday, I had a nourishing lunch at a Japanese buffet.

It offered all the sushi I could eat, along with delicious shrimp, noodles, soup, and the tiniest high-cal desserts I’ve ever seen, flanked by tons of fruit.

That’s the high-protein part of the day, which I sandwiched between satisfying servings of my favorite chocolate donuts.

I had one donut for breakfast with a few cups of home brewed Starbucks coffee, and two more for dinner, accompanied by a glass of cabernet sauvignon, as I sat riveted to a Stephen King thriller on DVD.

Between meals, without fanfare or whining, I took a refreshing two-mile stroll at Venice Beach.

And I expect to drop some pounds, firm-up and feel satisfied eating more or less this way for as long as I wish.

Admittedly, this is an odd way to get fit, don’t you think?

But it has a great chance of accomplishing its goal for ten reasons:

(1) I’m eating my favorite foods, and feeling that I’m denying myself nothing.

(2) I’m not counting calories, which is a horrible way to pass the time.

(3) I’m not obsessed with any deadline for accomplishing my goals.

(4) I don’t perceive certain foods as “good or bad,” welcomed or forbidden.

(5) I suffer from zero food-guilt from my indulgences.

(6) I don’t binge because I don’t have any dammed-up feelings of self-sacrifice or self-pity.

(7) I don’t think of myself as fat or overweight.

(8) I expect success to come gradually, not suddenly.

(9) I don’t discuss my diet with anyone, and I don’t talk about or obsess about food.

(10) I appreciate that eating is essential, but it’s not the high point of my day.

I’m dieting with donuts but feel free to use a tempting and tasty item of your choice.

If your diet can satisfy the ten point checklist above, it will probably serve you well, while serving you enough of what you really want to eat.

Now, that’s a plan nearly anyone can stick to!


Source by Dr. Gary S. Goodman




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